Christmas Party–Writing Tag

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you have a fantastic holiday season, and, if you’re planning to go anywhere, please drive safely!!

A friend of mine, Corinne Morier, invited me to set up a party for the characters in one of my books. The original list of questions in the tag is filled with stuff that might happen at the kind of party I refuse to host, so I’ve kept the rules, but cleaned up the list. I’ll give you a blurb of the book in use, and in the questions to follow, I shouldn’t use a character more than once.

Now, which book…I’ll go with the first in the series, Divided Asunder!

Turinites attack! Crown Prince Laurent de Nemori is thrust into the role of puppet king in the brusque but slow take-over of his kingdom, the beloved Rochegude Valley. Trapped with him in the castle are his siblings, including Henri, who is cast into the dungeon to suffer for Laurent’s disobedience to Zarius. Somehow, the new king must find a way around the marshal and save his kingdom from the madness.

Trapped in her own right is younger sister, Princess Sophia, who managed to escape the fight, but not the Valley. Hiding with a new identity, Sophia comes face to face with the enemy Turinites, and realizes Zarius’s strong, loyal force is not quite as loyal as it seems…

As this book takes place in Rochegude, 1226 AD, I’ll have to bring all these characters to the present.

  1. Who starts karaoke with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and who jumps in for the echo?

Alexander starts it off. He’s bored, and he loves music. Pan, one of Alexander’s guards who turns out to be a friend, jumps in for the echo.

  1. Who’s threatening the kids with coal in their stocking?

Josephine. All party-goers must be on their best behavior, and that means no snitching the maraschino cherries from off the cake in the kitchen!

  1. Who’s the Grinch?

Henri. The poor guy’s had a rough few months; he’s a bit jealous that everyone else is having so much fun.

  1. Who invited the strangers to the party?

Eveline saw this young family in the store, and found out they don’t have any Christmas plans. There’s room for them here, too, right?

  1. Who’s the couple wandering off with the mistletoe?

Laurent and Brigitta. Everyone roots for a certain other couple, but these two are so cute together.

  1. Who accidentally trips on the lights?

Nikolai. Oops, sorry, guys! He’ll get that fixed.

  1. Who brought the fruitcake?

Pierre brought the fruitcake. It was either that or eggnog. Eveline convinced him to go with something a little sweeter. And Brigitta had already volunteered to bring the eggnog.

  1. Who wins the ugly sweater contest?

Sophia. It’s a good one, too, showcasing Rudolph, and complete with felt antlers, googly eyes, and a big red fuzzy pom-pom right in the middle. Josephine hates it.

  1. Who read their ENTIRE Wish List to Santa?

Gregorio Zarius. “My esteemed colleague in this season of giving, I write to inform you of my requests: One kingdom, nicely situated just beyond Rome’s borders, its royal family sent away; one loyal army, which my king has no knowledge of; one throne for my son, Ronaldo to inherit…and in payment, I shall award you a position on my Council. Sincerely, Marshal Gregorio Zarius di Torino.”

  1. Who stays up to wait for Santa?

After the party, Dmitri quietly slips downstairs with his pillow and nativity blanket, and curls up on the couch next to the sparkling Christmas tree, his mind filled with his imaginations of watching his family and friends unwrapping the gifts they’ve given each other. He closes his eyes to sleep, but a creak of footsteps draws them open again. It’s Nikolai, his closest friend.

“You didn’t think you’d be able to catch Santa all by yourself, did you?” Nikolai whispers.

Dmitri grins as Nikolai throws his matching Nativity blanket on the adjacent couch.

No sooner has he made himself comfortable when Alexander appears, with Pan and Henri in tow.

“Pan, there are air mattresses in the closet over there,” Alexander murmurs, gesturing across the room. “Henri, do you want one of those, or the Lazy-Boy?”

“The chair is fine,” Henri replies, plopping down with his quilt. He instantly falls asleep as Alexander and Pan gather the mattresses and pumps. Dmitri gets up, helping to get the mattresses unrolled, and jiggling the pump into the hole properly when Pan can’t get it lined up.

“Is there room for me?” a soft, feminine voice asks from the entryway, and Dmitri glances up, unable to stop the smile spreading across his face. Sophia stands there, clutching a snowman pillow and Frozen blanket; Anna is her favorite character.

“Of course,” Dmitri tells her, and yanks his blanket off the couch. “You sleep there. Pan, was there another mattress in the closet?”

Nikolai rolls his eyes, stifling a chuckle behind a fake cough, and Dmitri chooses to ignore him.

Fifteen minutes later, everyone is settled. Dmitri’s air mattress feels a little flat, but he’s not going to complain; he’s surrounded by family and friends. Santa might have a difficult time making it to the tree, but if the presents have to get left in the hall, Dmitri will move them in the morning.


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